Paper Mache Produce

Paper Mache by Sculpture Sense

At SculptureSense, our highly-skilled paper mache produce by artisans make all our paper mache creations using a proprietary technique resulting in spectacular sculptural detail and are unbelievably strong and durable. We export our sculptures to many countries around the world.

The confidentiality of our customer’s paper mache or sculpture designs is our highest our priority. We never reveal designs or pictures unless authorized by the customer, therefore, we are limited in scope as to what we can show on our Web site.

Please contact us for an obligation-free quote for any sculpture or paper mache design idea you may have, or to answer any questions about our unique service.

Sar Paper – Paper Mache produce

Working with the Chiang Mai district beautiful Sar Paper, handmade from mulberry bark, we have achieved some truly astonishing results.

The surface provides a wonderful, receptive ‘canvas’ for our artists.

You can see examples in our Online Gallery below.